10 Smart Tiny House Interior Hacks To Maximize Space

Oct 23rd

I agree that living big in a tiny house is very exciting. How about you?

How To Create Space In A Small House Price
How To Create Space In A Small House Price

You will get very different experience by living in a super cool tiny house, it could the be the place for you all having some beautiful moments with loved ones.

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Right here we are going to tell you 10 smart hacks to maximize tiny house interior with some easy ideas you can follow.

Building a tiny house will give different experience to all users purposed for many kinds of needs. What are the purposes of people building a tiny house? Some of them consider to have the tiny house because they want to have the best place where they want to have an interesting place for having relax time. Some people even build it as their first home, the place where they go home after go from anywhere.

Mostly, the tiny house is built for life style purpose. Different purpose of tiny house could lead you deciding the tiny house interior differently. Why should be different? Because the tiny house interior itself should be able to accommodate all your need. Just follow the ideas here.

Add A Loft Anywhere


Because of tiny house is very limited in space, or horizontal space, so people built it highly to utilize the upper space. It is not possible to build a bedroom like in other standard home, but you can build it in the upper part, such as in the loft. You can build the loft anywhere you can utilize as bedroom, and even closet or library room.

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You can build bedroom above kitchen or bathroom, why not? This will be very excellent to use effectively the space you have, but you still have excellent spaces to do many activities. The loft should also have enough natural lighting from the outside, so you can add pretty cool windows around it, plus the skylight above.

Utilize the Space Under the Stairs


You also need to utilize the space under the stairs to be a practical and functional areas, usually used as the storage system. You can have some additional shelves under the stair to keep many things. You can make it as the drawers, and for sure it will be pretty cool, because you can color different boxes with different color as well. You also can consider to use it simply for display area. For short, just do something beautiful and functional with your under-area stair.

Install Prefab Windows to Brighten Old School Architecture


How about the prefab windows? This will be a pretty cool idea you need to consider to add more artistic appealing into your tiny house. Windows are very important in tiny house, to give enough wind coming to the house and give enough light exposure. You can choose the prefab windows to brighten old school architecture in your tiny house.

Use Glass Walls


Why should be glass walls? You can use glass walls to separate spaces without visually dividing a room. It can give feeling of larger and more spacious, you can use the glass wall as the main wall of building that separate indoor and outdoor, especially if you build your tiny house in natural space. This will be very cool to make you blend with nature.

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Use Curtains When Privacy is Needed


If with the glass wall you think you do not have enough privacy, you can install the curtain as the alternative. This will be a good idea where privacy is needed, you can open it when it is unused.

Get Creative With Mirrors


vAdding mirror around the room also will be a super creative idea you should consider to make the tiny house interior looks very pretty yet spacious. Adding mirror around the room is popular technique to make it larger. You need to choose the appropriate space where to put the mirror in your tiny house.

Put More Shelves


In your kitchen, as well as bedroom, you will need more shelves.the shelves will be so cool as the interesting place to keep things such as canister, foods ingredients, and many things. You also should deal with some hidden storages. Utilize even very small space to be a cool storage space.

Decorate with Light


Adding adequate lighting is very essential to decorate your tiny house interior as well as possible. You need to choose the best lighting for it, and led lighting could be such very cool choice you need to try. It may be pendant lighting or ceiling light. Fortunately you can find hundred options of decorative lighting for tiny house in the market.

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Add A Pop Of Color!


Choosing the best color for tiny house is another very important thing you need to think. Choosing bright color is the best choice, because it could give the effect of more spacious to the room. You can choose all white for both room and furniture. Add also  a pop of color with palette color or bright color.

Install A Breakfast Bar


Who say that you cannot have breakfast bar in a tiny house. You can install a folding table like in the photo above, you install beneath the window, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside while you are enjoying the food served.

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